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Question 4 Huey? Or Others Who Can Help....


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im sorry, but im not sure how to pm yet and wanted to find out a few things...

my brother and i have a 6m quinnie freedomsport with a '02 yammie 115 4-stroke and was wondering on servicing prices and if if anyone does mobile servicing.

we also just recently bought a 4.2m boston whaler with a mid '90s 50 yammie 2-stroke and was wondering about servicing that as well.

We do want to upgrade the motor to a 60 e-tec or a 50 yammie 4-stroke engine for the whaler and was wondering about pricing or thoughts on which would be the better motor.. i want the e-tec but my brother wants the yammie.............

we bought the boat from interstate(QLD) without a hull ID number and was wondering if you(huey) can help us with the problem of getting it all up and running...

anythoughts much appreciated

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Just give him a call. I wouldn't bother with the mobile guys as even if they were good they spend their life in traveltime chasing parts not looking after your boat. Huey will at least give you a proper report of the condition of what you have and the correct setup and any benefits of upgrading.

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Hi Tree, the service on the 115HP would be approx $450-$500 and we do not recomend mobil guys obviously, and I am certian no manufacturer would also recommended them becasue they do not have the training.

The 50HP would be about $300-$400 for a service and I am not sure why you are comparing a 60HP E-TEC to a 50HP 4-Stroke. A 50HP E-TEC will outperform the 4-Stroke so the 60HP E-TEC will easily do it. With the E-TEC you do not have to sacrifice anything to get better economy and running qualities and the cost of ownership will be less and they come STD with SST prop-so be sure to add the cost of that to any other brand of outboard and also add the service costs.

Call me if you want to book you outboards in becasue we are starting to get busy.



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