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Sea Pig Hits The Bay...


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Well the plan to rise at four was constructed wholeheartedly, but a penchant for night owlism, and a young family saw me up at half six! Mission was the flatty drift into Broken bay at dawn, high tide at nineish so I still had time.

Sure nuff, launching into a stiff ten knot breeze I wasn't too confident. As I passed Box Head the wind was increasing but the swell was small so I pressed on. Nearly a K out I quickly changed my mind and thought I'd give Patonga a go.

Hardly any wind, but no flattys (pillys,prawns) or plastics I'm afraid. I'm not sure exactly where to drift here, I tried in front of the creek entrance 50m or so.

Anyway, I the pointed the 'Pig' in the direction of Brooklyn thinking I'll fuel up a bit but not before a quick fish at the rail bridge, which I have not done before.

More action here but in short, two fair size bust offs! Ho hum, its a corker of a day as I read the paper in the surprisingly sticky Spring day. Wouldn't be dead for quids!

Juno was full as I passed by earlier, but once the 'Pig' had a drink, I headed back in that direction, finally wind assisted. Lots of dirty water was rounding the point as I saw a few birds working the area. All previous traffic had cleared and soon after hurriedly tying on a shiny lure, had a small chopper aboard. One more and he is sent down as I also drop the pick. The first chopper is chopped, and strip baited, but along with the livie, is untouched.

Soon after, a few boats turn up and my thoughts turn to getting back as the sun passes the yard arm.Its not good to use up all your brownie points in the one go eh!?

So off I go, still hungry, but happy. I'd gotten up to the crossword puzzles, and back to lion Is.

I must say that at this point the wind was #@%*@! full on, and starting to get a bit iffy with my foot or so of freeboard.

For some stupid reason, I tried one last fish on the south side of Lion (the lee but not!) and for an even MORE stupid reason, sent the sand anchor down and subsequently lost it! Not my first loss of this nature I might add, what a fool!

Off home with my tail between my legs and lo and behold, my throttle suddenly malfunctions and I'm reduced to about two knots straight into the wind and against the tide. Its a long trip home but I loved every bit of it!

Fixed the 'Pig' today, she rides again............Yeeha! Rubes

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"Anyway, I the pointed the 'Pig' in the direction of Brooklyn thinking I'll fuel up a bit but not before a quick fish at the rail bridge, which I have not done before.

More action here but in short, two fair size bust offs! "


Hi Rubes Shame about those fair size bust offs!! ..the worst part about it is when you don't see the fish you waited for.... Still the benefit is that it makes you rethink your gear next time your fishing in big waters like that....Anything can happen at the railway bridge but only a few parts of it are key thoroughfares......

I remember one night in the old yalta half cab my mate, who, rather than re-rig the jew rods that got tangled up by eels, and rather than reaching a metre for so for the springer gear, Richard decided to put 20lb mono lines on the springers ( short heavy duty fixed nylon rods) and went to sleep. ...the result was that both lines were waving in the breeze, broken along the braid..... In the morning back at the ramp, one of the regular jew blokes fishing close to us had three jew around the 10-15 kilo mark and all we had for a night of fishing was a few pan sized fish, the penalty paid for not rigging up properly when the jew came in.

Rubes if there is no sign of any action in the bay it could pay you to put on say 50lb no make it 80lb (only the thickness of 20lb mono anyway) and motor up to the railway bridge right on the bottom of the tide just before still water, even if the timing puts you in the midday sun.

Cheers and who knows maybe we'll see all the old bust offs in fish of the month next time?

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Thanx guys for your inspiration and good advice. Havent had a chance to redrift Patonga with your map Ray but hopefully will over the next week. I look forward to picking your brain a bit more!Jewgaffer also, your knowledge seems intimate. I've a bit more business to do with that railbridge!

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