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Sydney Harbour 30th September


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Went out on the boat today, launched about 3.45 and jigged for squid for a few hours for S.F.A ..not happy jan, when the sun got a bit higher we decided to see if the salmon were on the chew around the heads , sata round for a while and there was quite a few birds zooming around but no visible signs of the fish, as we headed back in there was a small gathering of about 6 or 7 boats just on the inside of north head , and a tinytiny school of salmon sipping the surface maybe 20 or so fish, decided it wasnt worth competeting with all the others and hightailed it into middle harbour.

we anchored up and soon began pulling in pinkies. We had the big baits in but they only got picked to bits.. :mad3: , i was fishing 6lb for the pinkies and suddlenly the rod was almost ripped out of my hands, luckily i didnt let go! ,a very nervous fight later i boated my 1st king of the season @ 55cm :yahoo:


About 20mins later i was doing the same and the same thing happend but this thing was MUCH stronger, he swam towards the middle of the channel like the other king but the hooks soon pulled...so who know's what that could have been :05:

After that i pulled in a big fat bream and he was readily chased up by a minature kingy , probably pushing 45cm , he was trying to eat the bream...good luck with that :074:

But quickly dissapeared before we could throw anything at him..bugger

By 9.30 things had slowed down a bit so we headed back, to the ramp victorious :1prop:


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good work rob,

hopefully that a good sign of things to come tomorrow.

What bait did you get the king and the lost run hooked up on?



Good luck 2moro guyz :thumbup:

Bother were taken on self caught - frozen squid

i was chuckng in quite a bit of burly aswell , dont know if that had any thing to do with it or not though...


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Good work there Rob,

Looks like Im having luck with Squid and not kings. Last sat we landed 2 kings to 75cm just having fun. looks like the Kings have begun. should be out there right now but Im working!!!!

This year is a cracker for the kings, all the best and ill see you out there


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