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Back For Somemore


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hi all decided to go back to the nepean for another session today droped the gf off and picked up the nephew got down the river about 430pm wind blowing pretty bad but had a go anyway started flicking some spinner baits around for nothn by then the wind had dropped and the decission to go to surface lures was made on gos old faithful and it worked a charm with in the next 90 minutes 8 bass were landed and a good 10-15 rises with no hook ups once again not big fish but geeees they just smash the surface poppers most fish were around the 20-23cm mark but did manage 1 decent fish would of gone around 30-32cm mark all fish were taken just above the weir again and a bonus today corey got his first bass on surface lures mind you it was on my outfit while i got a knot out of his line he ended up getting 3 bass for the day

will be going back 1 arvo this week if anybody interested give me a buzz and we'll go get into em cant beat fishn for bass on the surface!

cheers mick





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G'day Mick,

aaaaahhhhhhhhh, so that was you on the weir with the young bloke. I did see you, I was fishing near the reeds and a little further up under the trees. I got three and I could hear you guys very excited, doing better than me.

Well done.



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awsome work mate well done on the young fella for a first on surface lures.

do they still close the gates down at the weir reserve and if so what time as i do want to get locked in if heading down for an evening flick.

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