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Successful Trip To Browns (30/09/07)

wise one

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Out to Browns yesterday.

But first needed to get a few livies.

This proved very difficult with the usual haunts around the Harbour green and lifeless.

Eventually managed a few outside North Head.

So we left for Browns at 10am with a nice 10-15knt Westerly pushing us along.

Pulled up just short of Browns and commenced a cube trail.

Put a couple of livies out in the trail and rigged the gelspun outfit with 2kg of lead for a drop to the depths...

Drift was fast, but slowed a bit by the parachute anchor.

Must have gone straight over the top of the mountain as we had 370m on the sounder - the shallowest I've ever measured at Browns.

Anyway after feeling a couple of possible "bumps" on the bottom outfit, I commenced the arduous task of hauling in the 500m+ of line.

After 20 minutes of pumping and winding we had the pleasure of "colour" rather than just the weight and empty hooks.

Not blue eye but a couple of nice 4-5KG gemfish. A great start to the day.


By now we had drifted off Browns into 500m+ of water so didn't bother with another drop and concentrated on cubing for the fin.

An hour or so later, both rods went off but unfortunately only one hooked up and we pulled in a small yellowfin of approx 6-7KG.

Out with a couple more livies and continued cubing.

An hour or so later, we had tentative runs on both rods again, but no hookups.

I think the fin were very small and struggling with the XOS yellowtail we were using for bait. They just came in a bit "crushed" and not very happy! One was taken 3 times and "dropped" as I tried to get the fin to really swallow it!!!

Back to cubing and it went a bit quiet.

Just as we put our last pillie cubes over the side, both rods went off again!

This time one hooked up with good weight, but then the line went slack.

Reeling it in revealed a neatly "snipped" leader - obviously a mako had grabbed the livie.

Pulling in the other line revealed its leader also snipped. So presumably the shark had grabbed both livebaits.

Heading back in we had dolphins everywhere and 3 separate whales jumping clear of the water!

Wind picked up as we got within 8 miles of the coast and slowed us right down (wouldn't want to be in a trailerboat heading back into the 1-1.5m very steep, sharp chop).

Back at the berth, knocked the fillets off the gemfish and tuna, washed the boat down and back home for a well earned drink and watch the NRL Grand Final.

Great day on the water, pity Manly didn't do very well in the footy!

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Cubing is laying a berley trail using cut pieces of Pillie

thrown in at a rate set by the current flow so as not to

have too many of too little in the water - then float out

unweighted pillies into the trail and wait for the fish to

come up the trail

this can be a varied time span depending on the location

of any fish in the targeted area and the amount of cubes

you have

usually pre cut 20 kg blocks of trap bait (lower quallity Pillies)

is a starting point that can be stored in bags until ready to use

check the Raiders Tuna day as there is a pic on Fishfinder that

cubes used and the return of them in a YFT that is opened up

I'm pretty sure

click here for story with pics

HTH Chris

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Well done mate on a nice bad off fish.

What was the water colour and temp like at browns ????

Good to see a few tuna around

Water temp was 19.5 inside the shelf and up to 20.5 around and past Browns.

Good colour with a fair few "sparklers" (plankton) drifting by.

Looked good, although no birdlife.

Actually a lot more life between 8 and 10 miles offshore than out past the shelf.

I'm guessing it was only dolphins and striped tuna though....

These days its a brave man that starts cubing inside the shelf :(

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