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post-5187-1191325698_thumb.jpgWent away on the weekend to Old Bar (Taree) and i chaught my first pigs.I was just wanting to know if any one could piont me in tne direction of a good place to go fishing for them around Maroubra. I was around Lurline Bay to day and i did not even get a touch so any help would be great.
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Hi mate

Caught my first pig just off the rocks on the north side of the pool around 10 years ago. Havnt fished that spot in yonks but I remember getting bricked with 7kg line last time i fished there. The south side also has some nice gutters and washes to work with. Id fish an afternoon session when the shadows provide a bit more cover. Rockhoppers are a must!

Dont know why I stopped fishing there???? Used to fire at times! Anyways, good luck!

P.S any chance you can get some better pics up?


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Hi Big Red

Looks like you got into some good fish there!

I recently started targeting Drummer around the Maroubra area and have had a bit of luck near the pool as mentioned by Rockhoppin above. It's a calm water spot, as medium to big swell is pretty dangerous given the relatively flat rock platforms, but on the right day it can produce. It certainly has for me - have pulled over ten good sized fellas from that area this winter.

I've only seen one drummer caught from Lurline despite fishing it specifically for drummer on many occasions - it just doesn't seem to be as productive as the rocks near the pool.

I also hear that the rocks on the southern Maroubra headland can turn on some great drummer fishing, there's a couple of posts hidden away in the Raider archives about cracker sessions there (I think by Bashir).

Good luck, and maybe I'll see you down there.

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Try the gutter on the right hand side of the Mahon pool as you are looking out to sea. I'd advise checking it out at low tide to get a mental picture of where the cracks run. Berley up, and drop your baits in these cracks at high tide. You will lose a bit of gear but there are 4kg plus pigs in there at times. Don't give them an inch and you may get one out. Honeycomb and the south Coogee cliffs produce when the conditions are right, but generally smaller fish to 2.5kg or so. Good luck, they go pretty hard in those first 10 seconds

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Try the head lands on the northern and southern sides of Botany Bay.

The Northern side is Cape Banks. Access by car through the golf course at La Perouse. Drive down the access road as far as possible and park next to the pistol club. There is a track that runs beside the goldf course. Walk across a small bridge and then access the headland on your left. At the farthest point there is a bommie about 10m from the rock face. Berly hard with bread and fish the channel bbetween the bommie and the rocks. Hang on there are big fish in this area. There are a couple of other spot on this headland as well.

On the Southern side drive to Kurrnell and go into the National Park. Drive to a spot marked as Yenna Picnic Area. On your right you will see a small bay and next to this on the left a rock that has a small gap behind it. Step over the gap and fish in front of this rock. Again berly hard good pigs here. At times you will see fish breaking the surface at this spot out faily wide. Most of the time these are large blackfish. The only method I have been able to use to catch these is to use a smallist bob cork wieghted to be able to cast it. A long leader that I greese so it floats and then use bread but make the bait float. You should do ok.

Further along the same road there are lots of cliffs and I know guys that fish this area but I am not fit enough to access these places now. There are good pigs there though.

Lastly. Most headlands will have drummer but they seem to be a fish that can be overfished so I try not to hit the same places to often and give the spot time to recover. Look for rocky areas that may have small patches of sand. Bommies the good wave action. Large rock crasks or caves. They will bite better on overcast days.

Have Fun


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