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Botany Bay 29/9 And 1/10


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Hi Guys . Went out on Botany bay at dawn on Saturday 29/9 up to the runways and got blown away by the wind at 6:30 - ended up hiding from the wind between the bridges and managed to catch a few whiting on blood worms. Great to be out on the water but very quiet with fish.

On Monday 1/10 , back out on the water at 05:30 and headed from St George Motor Boat Club up to the 3rd runway. Great weather, but no bream. After about an hour drifted off the Novotel at Brighton for a feed of whiting on bloodworms and peeled prawns. Also picked up a couple of smallish flathead on peeled prawns. Finally anchored off Towra and managed 2 nice bream near the tide change. Wind came up about 10:30 so we scurried back to calmer water at Captain Cook bridge for another drift , but no more fish .

Both days out on the water better than working but looking forward to a few more fish being around.

Regards Bill. :1fishing1:

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Yeah I had a quiet one on Monday too - I was off the beach at spot x.

Nothing but rays and shovel nosed sharks.

Good to see you at least came back with a feed Bill.

Hopefully things will pick up for next weekend!!

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