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New Plastic?


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I went to my local (to work) tackle shope this after noon to grab some pillies and prawns and other stuff for my day out tomorrow, when the owner of the shop asked what type of fish I was going after. To which I replied that I was going to go after flatties in the morning and probable something else in the arvo, to which he pionted out Berkley blade dancers that he had on special. He actually gave me a pack of them to try out :)

but I have never seen or heard of them before. he said they brain the flatties has anyone trird these

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hi landbased, i have bought some dancers from a guy fron queensland,

only had the chance to use them last week on the hawksbury with no strikes :mad3:

so went back to the old faithfull nipper. i will keep trying the dancers in different locations

and see if they produce someday. good luck on them landbased , the guy from QLD swears by them.

cheers marty. :beersmile:

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After this morning's session I now know why that guy swore by them :D

got to my fav spot at 6ish and started casting. 3rd cast and I get attacked by a 55cm lizard :)

put up an awesome fight and had some trouble getting it into my bucket as i was thigh deep :)

3 casts later I get one abot the same size which I also kept . Then about 5 mins later I get a monster run

didnt feel like a flattie or a ray and after a few mins playing with the fish it hit turbo and snapped my 10lb fluro leader in half. Pissed me off coz it took my only dancer jighead :1badmood:

after that nothing for the rest of the day :(

But I WILL BUY LOTS MORE!!!!!!!! just in case :)

I'm sold on them

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