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Lures And Heat (weather Wise)


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I've always been wanting to leave some gear in the car so i could do some fishing straight after work. My car is parked in direct sunlight so you could imagine how hot it would be like today at 35°C. Would SP's & HB's melt or lose colour in that sort of heat?

I could always carry the lures with me to work but my memory is a shocker!

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I had a box of jackalls on the deck of my boat once in the heat and they all cracked open and puffed up, no good anymore.

So you might get the heat expansion and pop the hard bodies.

Hey guys i always leave a small box of gear in the car sps will be alright if in their packets or containers and sealed well i also keep a box of hardbodies and the jackels were the only ones to pop like dan said sx 40 smiths attacks all fine


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