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Hey raiders,

Where do i start????

After much debate we decided to head out on sunday in search of the mighty YFT. With so many zero days confidence was again very low..

All was to change though as it wasnt ten minutes that we had set the spread and the shootgun goes off, after alot of screaming and name calling the line goes slack.. Not to worry we thought after all we have trolled for 12 hours b4 with even as much as a tangle.

So we start regroup and begin our journey again only for the sounder to play dead and along with it the Gps..

Things were going down hill fast by now, but we stuck with it driving around in what seemed like circles and im sure we were.

All was not lost when again the shootgun goes off, another stripey with thought but 2 our amazement we had landed a 10kg big eye.

The day was getting better.

Hours more followed with out a hint of hope when 1 after another we were pulling in stripey after stripey.

This is it it must be our turn so we decided to stop and have a late cube as the sun started to set..

Not knowing where we were with put everything into it 8kg of pillies and our secret touch.

NOt even the tsnami warning was going to stop us now besides the wind had drop and and the sea was flat a bath tub.

As the sun was just about to fall both 50s went off and after a short hard fight we had landed our very 1st fin and then our 2nd.

What a buzz all our effort had finally paid off.

With this we packed up and started our journey home only to run into the very strong westerly winds..

A 3hr trip in the dark with only a compass and the city lights as our guide and the constant pounding that only comes from 7m alumiun center cab..

Not to worry though we got some fin

(except for the cars lights been left on......... to compound things..... Thanks Shayne) :ranting2:

Photos to come...

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Nice work guys, We have spent a fair few hours out on the water this season with only one good fin to show for it!!!! Just hope summer makes up for it! That must have been fun coming home from the cannyons with no gps or sounder....Its a bloody long way!!!!! Congrats on beating the odds!!!!!!

How big were the fin???? give us some pics!!!!!

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