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Fat Bass Below The Weir


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Hi guys and girls,

I scored a great Bass from below the Nepean Weir today - my first ever from down that way.

Arrived very early and fished normal spots about the weir for not even a little fella so decided to do some exploring.

Just hopped down the river a little way and found a deeper little channel with fast flowing running water into it so cast a spinner and grub down stream. On the 3rd cast the lure got absolutely smashed and the drag was singing its head off.

The fish put up a great fight and had the drag singing two more times before I landed it.

Also saw some massive MASSIVE carp and even got one to mouth a spinner right near the bank but couldn't get one. Geez they're big!!!!

Anyway, here's some pics of this morning's efforts... Oh, and I scored a micro bass bush bashing a bit further down as well... :biggrin2:






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Very nice bass David.

Tangling with those monster carp might be fun if you can

work out what they want to eat.

Pretty spot BTW.



G'day Pete,

There were heaps of carp, I managed to count seven before I spooked them, right in close to the bank burrowing into the mud, I assume for worms and stuff. I got really close to them, I could have clobbered one with a big stick if I was quick enough.... :074::074:

When I spooked them they all broke the surface in a huge splash - got the heart beating a little quicker...

I imagine some of them were right up there around the 60cm mark and over... they had tails like shovels.

I might give them a go to thin them out a bit if I can... there's just so many big buggers down there below the weir....



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