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Big Trevally! Caught A Few Nights Ago


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Hey guys,

i always enjoy reading everyone else's stories and enjoy all the tips i get from everyone so i thought i'd add to it

havnt been on for a while (winter months, went snowboarding and that took up my obsessiveness! haha), and havnt really been fishing much either. THe other night me and my gf went down to Kurraba Wharf as i was keen for a fish, this was on monday night. the plan was burley up heps with bread + tomato salsa tuna from woolies, and let the tailor come as they usually do there, just catch some and be contact with catching something (thats how it normally goes, and was meant to go, anyways...)

so we get there, can see some fish just under the surface of the water, throw some burley out before the rods are even ready to go.

my gf picks up one of the rods with a hook on it already, throws out some bread unweighted, im thinking i'll get mine in too and hopefully the action will start in a few minutes. how wrong i was.

she lets the bread hit the water, and i bend down and find an appropriate hook (maybe 10-15 seconds since contact with the water) and she says to me "i think i have a fish"

i look up, her rod (only light gear) is bent over.... like bent right over, and i look in the water and the point where the line meets the water is shooting around from side to side and all over the place like nothing else.

i say to her 'yea, im pretty sure you've got one" as she's almost letting go of the rod as this fish is so strong! so after i adjust the drag for her cause i was scared this fish was gonna snap the line, she finally gets it close by and i pull it up and out of the water, and its a considerably large trevally! it went 35-40cm, i'll get the pics off her camera.

we released that, and then we were there for about another hour and a half for zippo. i used probably about 3/4 loaf and 2 tins of the tasty tuna as burley, the only thing that came past was a TINY squid, it was about 8cm tip to tenticles, and was completely transperant. it didnt take my jigs... boo. hehe

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