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Still Shopping 4 5m Plate Cuddy...


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Still lookin for that cuddy cab, and still will be lookin until hopefully about Feb, when the funds should be possible.I have decided to initially go the standard two stroke so as to get a good boat.

I really like the idea of a walk thru screen but only a few have this. Is it that good a layout? I'm not a big bloke but it sounds better than having to go under and thru the hatch for anchoring.!

Anyone swear by their walk thru?Leak much?

Do you think Bar crusher would put one in one of theirs?Is anything sacred! ............Rubes

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Hi Rubes, in a cabin boat I personally rate a walk thru cabin much as a high priority when compared to a small hatch that can be difficult to access. If you decide on a model that only offers a hatch, you should see if you can get an electric anchor winch fitted. By Feb we will have the Aqualine 590HT in stock and I will be fitting an anchor winch to this. The 505 Aqualine or 550 Aqualine can easily have this fitted as well. The Stacer 549 with 4mm plate gives you a walk thru design and with the EVO hull design it has a proven soft riding and stable hull.



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