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Marine Parks And Chartplotters


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Hi All,

I'm considering upgrading my gps to a plotter and would like to know if the marine park boundaries are noted on the third party maps ie C-map, Bluechart and others.

If I buy a map card and new marine parks are added can I modify the maps in a meaningful way.

Sorry if this is a simple question but 2 days of googling has resulted in zippo.



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G'day Reefhunter

C-Map link........... http://www.c-map.com.au/

Contact number top right of the page.

I rang them and asked heaps of questions and I'm glad I did otherwise I would have been ripped off due to my marine dealer not knowing there was an update of cards around the same time I purchased my C-Map card.

The card changes were a big win for the consumer as far as more info goes.

Give 'em a ring and they will tell you everything you want and need to know. :thumbup:

I have the C-Map Max NT #M-AU-005.


and covers all this......... http://chartcatalogue.c-map.no/chartlistin...E&us_crtr=0

Hope this helps.

Cheers :beersmile:


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