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Kings & Salmon


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Dale got away a little earlier than me from work, and wasting no time scored a flatty in the shallows even before i got to the ramp...

Anyway we pulled away under a looming sky and headed to our fave spot....

I could spot our posi in the distance but with something not 'normal'

I spotted a grey haze just above the water and before too long worked out they were BIRDS and working HAAARD..

There were schools all over the place busting up all around us... it doesnt get better - yellow tail flashes, i knew what was lurking!!

Before too long dale yells "I think i felt ah.,......... IM ON!"

but alas... the line becomes slack..

I re-rig and a few more casts with another chomped clean "Choppers!"

I pull in a stickbait minus its tail to confirm!

chase the school some more and dale is into it again - nice fight and in she comes - 56cm yellertail kingy :)

By now im beside myself hardly a touch!!! we motor around and find the school again.... I get surprised by a kingy that comes right from under the boat as i pull my SP out of the water - he had his mouth out of the water!! awesome stuff!

Another cast and tap-tappety-tap-tap im on!! a bit of a small fight for a king but i can feel some weight....

all of a sudden SPLASH some acrobatics and power-dives a plenty 5mins later a nice fat sambo boated!!

Awesome - again on the light stuff - really gets me going!!

Headed home racing darkness..



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