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Daiwa Reel Question


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Hi all

would any knowledgeable members know the difference between ,

the KIX range compared to say the sol/advantage/tierra

i know all the listed are a little different in the bearing department 4,5,6,7 bearings

also the kix i think doesn,t have a spare spool which the std reels do

the only thing i can think of is maybe s/s gears.but not sure.

Really the basic question is why is the KIX versions dearer then the others ?

thanks for your answers

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the KIX, SOL and the new ADVANTAGE are mechanically exactly the same reel just different colours (apart from the obvious bearing No. differences)

the Tierra however is the odd 1 out, different shape / profile and slightly less expencive internal components hence the price difference.

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HOTRODS is right, they are mechanically exactly the same, all made in Thailand.

the biggest difference is that the Kix comes in larger sixes, wheras the others only go up to size 3000, the kix goes up to 4000, and these larger models are made in Japan.



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