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Tangles, Tears & Cheers

Wastin Time

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Well after some contemplating this morning Watto, Ryan (my son) & I met up at the boat ramp hoping the spots of rain would stay away!

Woohoo they did.

It wasnt long before Watto had the first bass for "our" season, a little fella around 20cm. We drifted a bit more watching bass jump out of the water trying to smash our Baby Vibe lures in all sorts of colours.

Next thing you know Watto has a rod buckler - woohoo after some good runs in comes a 28cm model. Well not to be out done my only fish for the day went 33cm A few more were landed & inbetween untangling Ryan line i started the retrieve again & lost another big FELLA around that 30cm mark.

Anyway we headed back to the ramp with Ryan in tears "as he didnt get a fish on his rod", but with a slap on the back & a keep ya chin up from Watto - all tears were gone (so is your green baby vibe Sean)




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Well done there guys.

I just didn't have enough time this morning to join you :(

Thanks for the invite though.

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