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Cape York


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hi to all im back from weipa it was a good drive up no problems with any of the vehicles we got there on the saterday we set up camp then went out for a little feel of the area, the guys we were with hit two barra about 70cm. The next day was a slow one but we all hit a couple of barra, thredfin and cat fish nothing to big most were under size but the cat fish went straight in the crab pots, got some good muddys. As the week was kicking on it looked pritty avreage then there was the cast onto the sand banks a 45 pound barra took my lure and pinned off down the stream it was a hell of a fight but 20 min later we got it in, it was 1.15meters from there the days got better. over all the trip was a buety no problems. I want to thank every one the gave me advise on tackle most of my fish was cought on the gold b52.

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