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Redfins In Canberra


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Hi Guys,

Was planning on taking the missus to Canberra on the weekend for some fishing in Lake Burley Griffin.

Was wondering if anyone can give us a heads up on the fishing in the lake at this time of the year. We are going to be targeting anything besides carp in the lake.

Are the redfins still in existent in the lake and are they able to be caught at this time of year?

Was planning on putting garden worms on a hook and casting as far out as possible in the lake, is this the correct way to fish for this species? or are they usually close to the banks?

What other baits can I use? my missus dont want to touch worms hehehe.

Was thinking of fishing behind the boat club on the stone wall. Has this location been known to produced before?

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Sorry Sinh I have never fished for them but if you search the forums you will find abit about them.

Here are some of the posts:




Hope that this helps you until some one else can offer you some more advice.

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I fished the lake last weekend and only hooked one redfin between three of us over a three hour period. I find that until the water in the lake warms up the redfin are very slow.

From December - April they are hard not to catch.

I just use soft plastics and spinnerbaitswhen chasing redfin. We also had worms out last weekend but not even a sniff.


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Thanks for that. Interesting indeed.

Just wondering though, these posts seems to catching redfins with lures, I was intending on putting a garden worm on a hook and wait for a redfin or yellow belly to take it.

Will these perch species only take lures and I might be wasting my time?

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Hi SiNH,

Yes worms are a good bait but you will still catch carp on them. Less likey to catch carp on lures though.

My experience is that Burley Griffen redfin are usually closer to the bank and respond well to small yabbies 9(or worms) fished under a float with a long leader that the sits the bait near the bottom. The Boat club is a good spot but my favourite spot is near the uni rowing club under the bridge (near black mountain peninsula). Caught heaps of redfin there particularly near the willow trees on either side of the lake proper. I have also seen some monster yellow belly and cod caught there as well.

Redfin are caught year round in there but are alot easier to catch in the warmer months. The uni rowing club is good in the cooler months - its realitively shallow and the rocks in the water warm up on sunny days and retain a lot of heat that the fish find irresitable.

If you cant find any yabbies and have to use worms, you will catch heaps more if you use the worms you find (err... dig up) around the edge of the lake.


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Excellent! excellent! info.

Yeah carp thing is going to be a pain. If I catch one I cant throw it back hmmms so I was trying to avoid it.

Yeah so Ill just persist witht he worms then, Ill dig them out of the garden at home in that case.

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