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How To Run My Sounder


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I have just tried my new sounder and before I take the bloke's last resort (reading the instructions) I was hoping for a few tips. It's a X515C and just quietly, I am chuffed that I managed to install it all by myself and that it worked first go.

My screen is showing up a lot of noise even at lower levels of sensitivity (60%). At depths of around 18m and above, most of the middle of the screen is showing black signals making it hard to pick up decent fish arches. There is an auto setting for the sensitivity according to depth which doesn't seem to help. I believe I have picked up a few bait balls which show up as a yellow cloud. At shallower depths say 10m, the signals are much clearer and show up as coloured arches.

My question is for anyone with expertise: What is a typical sensitivity setting for this unit and how much should I vary it?

I will use trial and error and keep fiddling and maybe read the instructions a little more carefuly. I have also read about a dvd which may be helpful. I have also had a look at the demo mode which is nothing like what I saw yesterday. Is this typical of all units?


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Your are from the new age. I feel I am from the dinasour age with this fancy Japanese Sitex hi tech Sounder map plotter GPS. I have the book which is in pidgeon American in highly advanced and retarded computer type talk which still wasn't meant for me.

I was going to ask one of our sounders whizzes to spend a day fishing on the water in my Mustang to get the sounder's menu and all the buttons into perspective so I can use the darn thing.

You can come along too because a salesman told me all the high tech ones work more or less the same.

My old Lowrance on the yalta was ready all the time and I only had to re-set the gain when I moved to another depth

I'll supply a jewfish on the spot for their help or not long after :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi Humsey

I hate to say it but the last choice resort......

well you best make that your first choice option

reading the instructions along with on water usage all helps

to familiarise yourself with the functions and settings of your sounder

over time no one should know your sounder better than you and

knowing all the in's and out's and lerks and perks and truly understanding the functions

will help you interpret what the sounder is showing you......i myself am not familiar with

the x515c and am sure they will be some one on here who will be able to help you fine tune it

but to get what you are looking for from my sounder in that depth of water........

i would be going to manuel mode and dialing down that sensitivity by heaps untill you at

least lose all the clutter and get better discrimination...i think your sounder has colorline feature

which will give you better target seperation and help define the bottom composition better

so experiment and play around with all your functions and familiarise yourself with it totaly.....

dont get to hung up in wanting to see all your fish returns as perfect arches looks good in

simulation mode but is rarely that pronounced in reality.....so put the hours in and enjoy...

Cheers Warnie.....

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