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If You Go Down To The Wall Today .....


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Hi guys

I just had to go down at low tide today & grab some fresh weed for my outing with Greendog tomorrow .... so I threw the rod in as well, as the tide was nearing the bottom of the out. Unfortunately the big wind had come up again, making the surface of the water quite rough & the float wouldn't sit well.

A chap from Berowra (Paul) was watching & I chatted away to him, not watching my float & I got a biiiiig snag! I reckon the sinker/weight got caught in the rocks & ended up having to break the 20lb braid & then my float came adrift!!! Darn it!!! Some quick rock hopping with my 12ft net got me within reach of the float & I was able to net it & then re-assemble the float! This all takes time, as Keith wanted the ute in just over an hour, so this was very inconvenient!!

Tossed out again & had a good down, re-baited & tossed out again for an even better down! The rod was buckled, almost bent in half, and I told Paul ... "this is a good one..." Brought him to the top of the water & it is the biggest Rock Cod/Wrasse I have seen! Must have been 35cm plus! It's mouth was very similar to a blackie's, too! Perhaps they do eat weed too, tho I normally get them on cunje or worms! Pests that they are!! I guess it wasn't that big a surprise .....

Put him back & tossed out again for not much more! Ne'er mind, hoping for better things tomorrow!!

Tight lines


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Sounds about right, Fishythings - didn't see one blackie swimming around ...... but the water was really ruffled, so difficult to see anyway! His body was soooo squishy (after being used to handling the solid flesh of a blackie) & he was pooing similar stuff to blackies, so guess he was used to eating weed.



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