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Hi all

Just a quick noob question from me:

I just bought my first ever bait pump and am going out to mainbar on weds to do a spot of bait gathering and then some fishing on the rising with nippers. The quetion is how do you thread them onto the hooks?

I have never used them ever I have only used prawns and worms but I hear these will get me some action to compliment my lure fishing.

Thanks in advance


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yep watch out for the nippers! i usually break the big nipper off! the small one wont hurt ya!

couple of tips for the bait pump! if doing it on flats not covered in water just pump the sand out on top! but if your doing it submerged i use a siv like an old mining pan! sold at the tackle shop made by alvey! and i get a bmx tube around it with a bit af air in it!you wont get many trying to find em in the water thats clouded in sand!

just sit the pump on topand pull the plunger, allow the pump to sink under its own weight but lift the pump out just as your finishing your stroke! then put the pump back in the hole youve made, pump the same hole 4-5 times, alowing the pump to sink deeper each time but only under its own weight!

mate at $1 that pump will be paid for in no time!!!

also i replace the seal with some rubber i have at home make it a bit oversize! helps the suction but you dont need it. an old thong ive heard works well!

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yep watch out for the nippers! i usually break the big nipper off!

Hi all,

Good to see some intrest in hunting for prime live bait.

I must disagree with breaking the nipper off for a cpl of reasons,

1) Whiting love to bite them off as an Entree

2) What's better than a bait that actually waves at fish practically saying " Here i am!"

If you have trouble keeping them on your hooks, go smaller and

use some elasticised thread ( bait mate ) wrapped lightly around

the body and your hook.

Keep it up

Catch Ya


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i've alway hooked my nippers in the back of the tail lightly....to keep them alive and kicking...

otherwise it sort of defeats the purpose of live bait

if you feel any kind of bite the nipper is gone...

hope this helps


Yeah i would have thought you would have wanted the nippers to remain alive, though does having the hook in the tail only decrease the chances of hooking up the fish??? would you need to wait a bit longer for the fish / whiting to take the whole bait before striking?

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as cfd said if you feed the hook through from the back up, like a prawn they do stay alive! for a long time!

i break the nipper of so i dont get nipped! ive hear from the pros that keeping the nipper helps keep it looking natural but i dont think its effected my fishing, ive had many sessions where ive had 10 baits in a row hooked onto fish before the bait even hit the bottom! and id rather the fishes first bite be around the hook than the nipper!

but anyway, howd you go any way landbased!

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