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hey raiders,

i'm gonna be headin down two sydney in a couple of days, and me and a mate were thinkin about gettin a ferry pass and flickin some plastics in the harbour.....anyone want to share some land based spots close to ferry stops?

we will mainly be chasin flathead, so sandflats would be prime



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G'day Ian ,

You could try Elizabeth Bay , Brett and I pulled 2 very good flatties there , there is a drop off about 15 metres from the shore , worth a shot!!

Also Watsons Bay , from the baths , Water is deeper there , flick towards the moored boats , we nearly always get something there !!


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Try the Parra River, take the rivercat to places such as Kissing Point, Cabarita, get a map of the area as there are some great spots in that vicinity, if its sand flats and structure you really want then Botany Bay is the go either Silver Beach at Kurnell or the whole of the Lady Robinsons to Sans sousci stretch you can spend a whole day on either. Just type in www.131500.com.au and go to trip planner it will trell you how to get to these places.

Hope this helps any queries fire away.

Royce. :1fishing1:

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flightmanager: you are one step ahead of me we'd thought about watsons....

luderick angler... thx for the tips.... i thought we might be better at botany flats wise....

anyhow thx boys i'll keep you posted if this wind dies down

Silver Beach and the Kurnell Groynes are well protected in southerlies, train to Cronulla then a bus to Kurnell, start near the oil wharf and work your way west into the bay till you get to the last groyne eventually you will come to the entrance of one of the bays and the mangroves just check the regs for the sanctuary zones. All else fails Steve and Effis does a good feed atthe entrance to the Natoinal Park.



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^ yeah like crazedfisherdude mentioned, clifton gardens fires up most of the summer.

Only problem is it gets really packed out. I've seen monster flatheads pulled out there, but if you want a place thats more quiet, cremorne pt, bradleys head and little manly pt have the goods.

good luck

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