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Greetings! From Beavs

Guest Beavs

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Hey all. My first post on this forum. *YAY*

My friend pusuaded me to join so here i am :05:

I haven't been fishing for awhile, my last time was about 3 weeks ago. Was up at Camden Haven (Near Port Marquarie) and hooked a few good size flatties. All from 40cm - 1.2m ( NO PICS! SRY!)

I do have this picture:


This picture is of 5x snapper i caught in the Bay of Islands on a tour around New Zealand (North Island)

Thanks for viewing!


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:1welcomeani: ..

nice feed of reddies there....

now you have joined the addiction will soon kick in :1prop:

so much good info and many good people willing to share :biggrin2:

this is great as when i cant get out there to wet a line i log on to here ang get my fishing itch looked after...

sometimes its fishing by proxey.... and some of the reports well i feel like i was there :biggrin2: ...

cheers ... steve....

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hey beavs!!!

i think youd agree with me when i say kiwiland kicks ass eh?? haha good to see some snapper from back home... oh how i miss those days...

take a look around, im sure youll find plenty of interesting posts!

Yes, NZ is great, i would like to go back one day, to hunt and fish.

Thanks for comments :D

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