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Great Day!


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off work due to a sporting injury! i was keen for a fish, so i rang james to see if he was working or not as i needed help!

james was free so i picked him up in the morning and headed for botany!

1st stop yakkas and we had tonnes in the burley trail but they were a bit shy on the servo prawn although the bream wernt and i scored a 32cm model on no.12 hook! took some time but we got around 15 and headed to bare island to see if we could get some squid but no interest!

back down to moulinex to downrig and within 2 minits zzzzzzzzzz im on kingy!!! you beauty was 55cm so quick pick and back in! 1st thought what a day this will be!

shortly after we see the rod bounce then the line starts rising up the back james pulls the rod and bang hees on! salmon think it went 64(confirmation james)!

done a few more laps hooked another and after a short fight he spat the hook!

james decided he was going to have a jig! and jigged up a seargent baker! so not to be outdone i chucked in my plastic and hooked a sweep from the wrong end!!!

we then cruised out side and seen a couple of massive whales jumping and clearing the water and slapping back down so we followed at distance allong side for a spectacular 20minut show!!! and just as we leave them to it we spot a seal and watch him for a bit! awesome!!!

back in to moulinex for another shot got a huge hit but come up with nothing!

oh yeah was greated with another great site at the ramp as seen in pic!!!







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Hey man, I saw you guys out there today. I was trying out my new downrigger aswell... I trolled outside the heads around plently of bait schools but no kings...only hooked a few salmon. I couldnt get any squid either only yakkas. I hooked a salmon at mollinoux when fishing for yakkas on the tiniest hook you ever seen. I thought crap...this is one big yellowtail, and next thing I know this decent sized salmon is doing acrobatics out of the water!

I saw those whales aswell. Pretty cool hey...

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thankyou peoples!

hey roylo i hooked a salmon 2 weeks ago on a tiny hook chasing yakkas! bout a 10 minit fight and lost him at the boat! sounds like you had fun though!

yes i know patty i havnt been doing much sport of late but yes ive been off work with a busted foot! think im taking up soccer, kickboxing and netball now! that oughtta cover my sickies!!! :thumbup:

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nice work! It's about time the fad was deployed, i was hoping that it was already out there but couldn't find any info on it's where abouts. Now i know why.

I went for a fish today also around the kurnell headlands for the super reliable kings that have been there for the last month but they have dissapeared after last weeks bad weather. they must have moved into the bay now as you guys have proven.

cheers, good fishing to all!

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Thanks again luke...had a top day....kings, salmon,sargent baker, sweep, whales, seals AND you can't forget that MASSIVE school of horse yakkas off the lighthouse.

Had a great day, weather was great aswell as the fishing.

cheers james

I was anchored at mollineux Pt at 5am and 2 dolphins come past about 10m from my boat aswell!!

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