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Fishraiders Plans For This Weekend


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G'day All ,

What do you all have planned for this weekend ?

Saturday hope to hit the Harbour for a few hours , then clean up the Boat for Sunday.

Sunday , Parsley Bay for the Huett Marine day. Craig will have a few boats there for interested Raiders to try before they buy!! You wont often get a chance to compare more than 1 boat at a time , powered by the mighty Etecs !! Come along and have a look , bring the family and a picnic lunch and make a day of it !!


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Hopefully fishing the rising tide in the lake after lunch today & tomorrow - will target blackies in the racks, mullet in the racks & flatties in the racks - shouldn't be boring! :1prop:

A bit crowded, with all the tackle tho .... normally I only target one species at a time, but ... Hey!


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Sat cricket, :beersmile: lawns :beersmile: swim :beersmile: friends over :beersmile::beersmile:

Sun was thinking of travelling up to meet craig and have alook but not sure if i trust myself, my boat is still not back from problems with trim & tilt (clumative 6wks now) and i dont think the :wife: will trust me around any boat demos, could tell her we are going fishing?

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