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Yak Extreme


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G'day Raiders

I don't know if any of you have been following these two very very brave young men, but this is well well worth a look...


Kahunas of steel!!!!!!!

The thought of spending the night on one of those past the shelf gives me the shivers...

I wish them all the very best and I really hope they make it.



PS wonder if they are gonna do any fishing???

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Fishing........ Fishing I hear you say. Mate they are just one big lure waiting for something to take a looksy.

Serious serious kahunas and good luck to them as that is a serious amount of windage they are pushing

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I just hope they have more luck than Andrew McCauley - altho they are doing a better route (instead of skirting icebergs ..... well, almost!)

Also hope they tie themselves to the yak in case of being tipped out - if Andrew had done that, he may have survived or at least been found, for his family to have someone to bury!

THe rear of that thing looks like a coffin! When it gets rough, they will hole up in it & take turns sleeping in it, too.

Pretty sure I read from their site that they weren't planning on fishing!! Imagine if they got a marlin :( It would make them go faster, but in what direction!!??



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