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Washing Machine Walking Across The Laundry


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Hi guys

A buddy's washing machine (just bought 2nd hand) is walking across their laundry as it works ..... they swear it is already 'level' &still does it.

Could something internal have 'shifted' in the moving process?

Any tips would be appreciated!



I have just checked with them & they admit the floor is slanting a bit (to the drain) but they have used a spirit level to ensure it is 100% level in every direction!

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Good idea, Pete - thanks for that! They said the load got unbalanced & they redistributed it & it still walked!

Will suggest they try that .... I suggested they bolt it to the wall :1prop: they weren't crash hot on that idea..... they could come tumbling down!!

My front loader got unbalanced once & went walkies ..... with the drier on top of it! I thought someone was demolishing the house! :(



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Generally one of the suspension springs if it is a top loader. Run it empty and and if it still does it that is the most likely cause. Some fancy ones have weights that counterbalace the load if it is uneven and they sometimes stuff up but that is on the really exxy models.

With it empty and after a 2 minute spin does the bowl inside sit straight ie vertical? It should . If it doesn't if is part of the top suspension system that is cactus- normally a spring, bush or mount point thas is cactus ( often rust). This allows the bowl to be off center at the top and spin unbalanced and walk across the floor when loaded. Get it fixed before it shakes itself to death.

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mine has done the same since new its frontloader and the feet screw in and out to adjust the level check by placing level on tor of machine! this being said mine was installed by pro who leveled it and it still walks!

ive never worried about it but i seen this post and the 1st thing that came to mind was to go to clarke rubber and get some thickish softish sort of rubber and place under each foot which might dampen the kicking force and keep it still! just something that rattled around inside my head!

this foot adjustment could also be whats different since the move!!!

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Thanks for that guys - I will get them to check the springs & make sure one has not come adrift, also check that the feet are securely attached to their base & all definitely sitting on the floor!

My front loader got unbalanced once & started walking ..... with the drier on top! Sounded like the house was being demolished!

Hey Pelican - what is an 'exxy' model!?? This is a 7kg Heavy duty Hoover 2420 that has 'hammer arresters' on the water hoses.

Luke, I think you are on the money! This mob - www.gviinc.net/products.shtml actually makes those little rubber feet for the footings. This is just to show you what theirs look like - Not that I would tell them to buy them - I am sure you could 'make your own' or find them locally, but a good idea anyway! Thanks for that.

Other suggestions for those to whom it has also happened ..... (when I googled <unbalanced washing machines>) suggested putting a rubber mat under the whole machine. Also, if you have a wooden floor, make sure it is reinforced under the machine with extra bracing, so no bounce. My brother Sails/Cam also came up with most of the above suggestions too!

Easiest of all, is to make sure it is not overloaded. Even tho it is a 7kg machine, maybe it still doesn't like lots of towells & sheets, without smaller items to balance it out. The bigger stuff sometimes gravitates to one side & causes it to unbalance.

Keep the feet as low as they can go, rather than higher. Often the back legs are 'self levelling' (just by tipping the back of the machine towards you, will find the level required & then you just adjust the front ones. Make sure the locking nut is in place, or that the feet are really securely 'in their place', not just hanging onto the top of the thread.

Also make sure any shipping straps (to keep the tub stable) has been removed .... just in case it still might be on! Just gotta find it!

You could also put a couple of rubber door-stoppers under the front of the machine! All sorts of suggestions have popped up on google!

I'll speak with them tomorrow & see how they go!

Thanks again


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