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Terrigal 2

The Poacher

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Hi All,

Went out early from Terrigal too. Live bait was very hard to tempt. Plenty there but very shy, even on 6lb line. Incidently, we caught 2 of those black trevally (I think) - the spiky ones that are poisenous - right there in the haven. Anyway, with about 8 yakkas on board we headed out. Saw a massive school of fish off Avoca. These turned out to be salmon - big fat buggers too. Just lazing about, and happy to eat 60 gram raiders which made it easy. My hopes of a massive king sitting under the sambos didnt eventuate so after 30 minutes we headed off to chase kings in the shallows. There were plenty there. The little fellas ate all my hard won livies and we only ended up with 1 over 65cm, the rest would have been OK last year. Had one excellent king on with the last livie, had colour on him with the sounder showing 18 metres. He then got serious and did me on the bottom. Would have around 80cm.

Still got a feed and had fun.

The Poacher

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