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Maianbar 17/11


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Arrived at maianbar around 6:30am,All looked good as i walked out to the main channel only stopping to pump a few nippers and collect some soldier crabs.

As i arrived at the main channel so did this monster :mad3:


Oh well i thought, the dredging could have one of 2 effects,either shut down the fish or stir up some food.

As it turned out it was a bit of both.

The dredge was working back and forth fairly slowly,so i started to burley lightly with a mixture of bread,chicken pellets(with a touch of dry cat food).Within minutes had a mixture of small whiting and small mullet(i think) interested.I was casting lightly waited nippers just behind them in the hope something bigger would turn up,but no luck.

At around 8 oclock the dredge moved off torwards the entrance,within minutes i started to catch numerous small whiting all just under legal(came close with this one at 25cm.Quick photo and returned.),but just couldnt hook any bigger.


Shortly after that a group of blokes turned up,and i had a friendly chat with one of them,that came to see if i had any luck.They had been fishing over to the far right(across the inlet)and had manage a couple of legal bream.They set up about 30M away from me to try their luck,and wouldnt you know it one of them hooked a nice size flounder(32cm).They asked if it was edible and if it was legal size,and to my suprise when i answered yes they than gave me the fish :thumbup: .

Not much else was caught after that(i managed a few more small whiting)and they managed a small flatty.Just before 10am the dredge came back,i left shortly after.

All in all it was a good day,beautiful sunny morning,a few fish,some good blokes and a feed of fresh flounder.



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yeh i also saw that boat..i was going to stop to have a fish but there was no parking,

Yeh has been a little while since i have been there,that playground they have put in(wasnt there the last time i was there)has taken away a big chunk of the parking area.



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Hi Stephen,

Nice whiting, the fishing has been a bit slow since the dredging boats came in, they are due to finish at the end of November, begining of December.

Next time try using unweighted nippers. The bigger whiting tend to bit better on nippers with no weight.


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