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Lb Fishing Laurieton (time Out)


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Arrived at my dads place, (Laurieton) Fri 16/11... Arvo.

Headed off to the fish co op to buy some bait and threw in from the edge, very windy, but that didn't stop me catching some bream. However dad was feeling the cold and and the fact that I out fished him (LOL) so we headed over to Nth Haven where I bagged a nice flattie 43cm on a green prawn, thankfully the old boy bagged a nice bream 33cm and a few throw backs as well.

Sat 17/11... Had some business to attend in Port Mq. Then it was off to Settlement City, near the punt (ferry) Dad hooks a nice 40cm flattie and I snagged times in a row. HHmmmm.

That was all I needed, so back to Lauriton, headed over the bridge and out along the road towards Diamondhead Beach, found a quiet little nook, and "BINGO'' I scored a nice 50cm flattie on a 2'' plastic lure, which I attached a small piece of squid to. Poor dad, I thought he was gunna cry. YEAH YEAH!

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Hi Hobbitt

Glad to hear you got into some fish - those green prawns work a treat, eh? I am assuming it was a green sp prawn, not a green smelly prawn?? :1prop: A buddy here uses them almost exclusively for flatties & hooked a 20lb in the tail the other week! Took some getting in, apparantly!!

Sounds like a good weekend all round! Great fun


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