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Sunday Hot Action


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Headed out Sat night with hopes of snapper - and a need to catch with my visitor from another state. Spent the night catching ghs$$#%$#ing eels and zip.....am picked up 1 squid and decided to head in closer to see if we could entice some kings....well after the sun came up.

Caught 1 throw back king in close off northern beaches spot on the new 1500 Daiwa...fun on light gear. Also picked up and cut off big wobbygong promtly followed by another which looked like the other one? As we are giving up and leaving after staying on the water all night passed over what looked like a big bait school and then saw bait leaping out the water..so circled back and dropped in another squid strip. Sure enough the bait is taken and a few very nice bream are taken. The action really starts then when the bream bait is nailed by a king on the drop. Mayhem as I have 2 rods out which both go off...and one king hooked in each hand....I pass 1 rod to my mate and land the other king while the one he has swims in tight circles around his other line.....he's squealing like a stuck pig and when we landed that one it picked up another line hanging over the side!!! Lots of fun and swearing and carry on at the bow end. He then tips over his tackle box spilling the contents everywhere!!!!! :074: Both these fish were just under so went back.

While old salty is tidying up his mess I'm back in the water and onto yet another king...he's getting upset now....We both ended up with a bunch of kings each (8 caught in total with 3 keepers to 93cm) 5 bream 2 trevally. Caught some of the bream and the trevally on 3" Gulp minnows on tiny jig heads casting towards the wash. Heaps of fun all round and thank fully made up for spending the whole night out. We are getting a bit old for all nights these days....some pics follow.post-4934-1195384862_thumb.jpgpost-4934-1195384877_thumb.jpg

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Sounds like a fun session!!!!! A little confused did you get the kings on sp's or just on the squid strips!!!! Also wouldnt mind a bit more info on the spot if you care to enlighten me, specially if its not longreef!!!


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