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Albacore And A 45kg Tuna

Ross Hunter

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We all fished 7to 8 nautical mile north and a little east of the mountain Fishing was generally tough but we managed a reasonable catch on Broadbill and Billfisher of albacore to 12kg and fin of flea size 10 to 15kg..Lockout scored a 45kg tuna but by and large the fish were hard to find and were smallish when they were found.See more on our site www.gamefishingcharters.com.au Look in Fishing ReportsMy Webpage Haven't got tthe photos from Billfisher will add later

Ross and Glenn Hunter









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Well done on getting your crew onto a few tuna & albacore in the tough conditions,

good to see a few smile's on there faces,that's what its all about.

There really nice albies too! a great feed of Fresh fish,

cheers mate


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