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Hi all,

Long time reader first time Poster, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. You all seem like a pretty laid back bunch of fellas and this is definately one of my favourite sites. Looking forward to contributing to posts from here on and hopefully sharing many fishing success stories....

I am in Sydney but have fished all over the place both boat and land based. I do not own a boat so mainly land based currently but am hoping that will change one day in the near future.....


KK :thumbup:

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Welcome to fishraider Kosta :1welcomeani:

You will spend many hours on this site as do most of our members. Much more than just laid back "fellas" here too :biggrin2: our female membership grows each week. We are a family friendly site and welcome women and young folk.

Join us at a fishraider social and bring your family and friends.


Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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