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Advice Please!


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my mate would like to install a live bait tank in his under floor storage and is wandering how to get around the fact that the tank is at water level and a gravity fed overflow like mine will be probably below the water line thus sinking the boat!!! which will defeat the purpose as hed probably like the bait to stay in the tank!

can any one offer advice (photos possibly)?

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Hi Wildfish

Could you give a little more info..you say underfloor storage what size do you envisage

the live tank to be???????.......is the boat self draining with scuppers at the moment????

i mention this as i have what you are looking for in being two tanks in total with two inlets one at the bottom

which is open to the sea which fills at rest and empty's whilst underway with control cock to close if you want to retain the water...and one at the top of the tank which is fed by the pickup and pump with control cock as well....

also at the top of the tank is a 50mm overflow which is straight through the hull again bungable if required but dont need to......

of cause i have a self draining deck...... You will find as the boat climbs onto the plane or over the swells

quite a large amount of water overflows out of the tank through the lid and down the deck exiting out through the scuppers....so it be best that your mate is aware of this fact in the event that his deck is on or just below the water line....

also if the tank is a large tank the weight factor might also sink the ass if thats were its going just enough

to make the deck which at present is at waterline to just under with the two of you standing out

at the back...hope that makes sense.....

Cheers Warnie.........

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no its not self draining! might be a bit painfull with the boat constantly filling with water might be able to come up with a sealed lid! i told him to put in a barrel like i have but he really wants that as last option says it takes too much room! ive only seen his boat from the outside so not sure about all the facts but ill see it soon and try to suggest some kind of container again! but in the meantime im just trying to come up with all the info and cover all avenues!

thanks for the info and advice!

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i have a quintrex freedomsport that comes with a 60 litre tub under the floor that i have set up as a live tank. I set up the basic scoop with a 360 pump on the transom. The scoop picks up on the run and the pump With on/off switch located in a side panel) is used when at rest. the hose enters the boat under a small removable piece of floor. There i have a hose connection that is like a double adapter. Attached to one side is a coiled hose with trigger nozzle that is used as a deck wash. The other runs a length of hose under the floor and through the side of the tank about 3/4 up from the bottom. There it attaches to a peiece of irrigation tube, blocked at each end, with several holes along it that runs the width of the tank as a spray bar. That takes care of the water getting in.

to get the water out, at one end of the tank i have a 500 pump that has a float switch. The pump is on a small block of wood so that the tank gets close to full before the float switch kicks in. The reason i have a more powerful pump for the exit is to ensure that it can keep up. It just kicks in and out as reuired. It is also better euiped to keeping up with the volume of water coming in when on the move, but tis can be fine tuned also as the double adapter connection has switches which allows either or both outlet to be shut off or even partially closed off. The hose i have running from the exit pump runs under th floor to the back corner of the boat and out the self draining hole in the side of the hull. To get it out that hole i did have to cut a small section out of the floor in the back corner as the drain hole is just above floor level.

I hope that is clear. I would post photos but i am technologically retarded

If you or your mate wanted to come and have a look at it on your next trip to botaany bay i would be glad to show it to you. I live at Sylvania

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