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Suggestions For Downrigger - Banks/jb Region...


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Hi Friends

Dad has a Quintrex 4.8m Bayhunter, and considering getting a downrigger for Christmas. It will normally be used out from Crookhaven River, in particular at the Banks for Kingies, and along the cliffs at Point Perpendicular.

What do people think about Scotty brand?

What type would we need? What are the options?

Here are three models. What's the difference?

1071 Clamp Master - clamps on and off

1050 Depth Master - base, at least, is bolted on

1085 Strongarm 30 - base, at least, is bolted on

Do they permanently attach? Or can you put them in and out at ease? In other words - will it interfere with other uses of the boat...

thanks for any and all advice.


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All downriggers may there be Scotty, Cannon or Penn are removalable when not in use.

The differences in the models are mainly for inshore and offshore usage, f you plan to go and downrigg at the banks i suggest you definatelky go a larger rigger like the 1085 strongarm.....the 1050 although a great unit is more designed for estuaries of light offshore usage.

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