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Botany Bay 20/11


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First report, lets see how I fare.

Went for a fish around the beach areas of Sans Souci, my mate pulled in a small bream and a toad and that was about it. It was rather windy and very quiet. Decided to move around to Captain Cooks to see if there was anything there and possibly have the winds at our backs rather than across us. I should mention had been bait fishing this entire time. Sat around for 15 mins and nothing exciting was happening so after having read a few posts on softplastic I tossed on a lure that had been sitting around in the tacklebox for at least a year. Had a few casts trying out various retrieves not really having any great idea what I was doing. Line went taut and I thought I'd hit some weed the line moved I struck and ended up with a 30cm odd flatty. First ever fish on softplastics :)

If anyone has any tips for me or areas to try I'd love to hear them. I live in the Sutherland Shire. Bought some 2inch grubs today, have a few fish looking plastics in various colours. All I can tell you about the lure I used is that its yellow and now has a broken tail so doesn't have the same action anymore.


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Yes the SP does it again. How many times have you looked at that lure and thought ....nahhh.

Well done, :yahoo: now go out and do what we all did and spend hundreds $$$$$$ :074:

Get some Pink ones, Red one's, Blue one's, Yellow one's, long one's, short one's, thin one's, fat one's.

Then get some spare one's just in case you run out.


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Hi Corro

:1welcomeani::1welcomeani: Welcome to Fishraider!

COngratulations on your first flattie on soft plastic!! Gives you a buzz, eh? The real bonus with sps is that you don't have to handle smelly bait! Next time you go out, just make sure you leave the bait at home ..... it will b trying at times, but once you master 'the twitch, twitch, wind, wind,' & get onto fish regularly, you won't even think about taking bait out!! Take some hb lures out as well - always worth a try. My favourite sp is the squidgie fish Silver Fox 100mm with a mister Twister jig head! Fairly big, but you tend to get bigger flatties, rather than smaller ones. I paint the tail red with that dip stuff.

If you target bream, the smaller ones are the way to go & fish them really slow!

Check out the Articles page for some good info on sps -


also just check back on Fishing Tackle or Lure reports that mention sps!

Good luck! Hope to hear of you getting more soon!



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Nice work mate! my first fish on an sp was a flattie!!! a flattie to 70cm drfiting the flats along the south of botany bay, bigger than any id ever caught on bait!!!! And that was just after catching my first king!!!!! Not going to forget that day for a while!!!!! I doubt you will forget your first fish on plastic either..... I now have half a months pay sitting in soft plastics in my tackle box...... its an illness thats for sure. But id rather be spending it on fishing than drinking it all away!!!!!!!!

Nice work! :thumbup:

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Mate,well done its a good feeling catching a nice fish when trying something new.

Flathead just love a well worked plastics,i reckon you get more on them than

you do on bait.Its definately more fun catching them that way & they fight

much harder with soft platics on light spin tackle.

cheers mate


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Not to mention that your hands don't stink of dead prawn by the end of the day...

I think SP fishing is more about technique than the actual plastic....not that my technique is spot on and nor does it stop me from picking up a couple of packs each time I enter a tackle shop.....I did however shed a tear when Squidgy stopped making the 140mm squidgy wriggler's and only now produce them in 120mm. Bloodworm is the pick of the colours for mind.....

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