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Shovelnose Sharks


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Hi fellow raiders,

Just thought I would post a topic for general discussion.

Just wondering if anyone rates the shovelnose as a decent eating fish and if they are eay to clean and prepare? I always seem to encounter them, either on the beach or in the lakes if fish. They can be a nuisance though. Any thoughts?



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I was thinking the same thing a few weeks ago so i kept one and filleted it wasnt hard to clean little bit of a pain because its shark skin but apart from that cleaning was fine. It seemed to dry out really quick after a few minutes it felt try and after it was baked it was really dry and not very nice to eat my dog liked it but.

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Actually ive had them as fish cocktails & i reckon they come up pretty good if you cut the fillets into small

chunks,dip them in beer batter & deep or shallow fried with some lemon juice & sweet chille sauce over the

top,Taste great! :beersmile: A bit of work involved in fillet & skinning them but a decent size shovelnose is well worth the effort.

Try it like i said next time & you will be suprised what it tastes like this way.


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I cook em up in some soy, lemon, chilli, garlic, ginger, sesame seed oil and some seasoning..... cook it up in the oven in a dish, and when ready serve it with the juices poured over. You can cook just about any fish like that and it will taste pretty damn good....besides australian salmon.

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G'day all. SNS are best cooked on BBQ wrapped in alfoil with lemon slices under and garlic & chili on top, or if there are some out there who can't handle chili, then use dollop of butter with Tarragon . These fish are also excellent for Thai curried fish or Indian curry as the fillets don't break up. Cooked like this they do not dry out.

Stay tuned for more recipes from Tuffy's Kitchen , including Lizards in Long Neck Batter,Foster's Fish Balls and the now famous Tooheys Tuna Tongues!!!!


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