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Spheros 14000 Fa Or 6500 Shimano Bait Runner?


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Shimano Spheros 14000fa


Loaded to the top with 50lb braid


Shimano Baitrunner 6500B Reel


Loaded up with 50lb braid.

Will the baitrunner be able to put out enough drag though....or should i go 30lb braid??

I will be using this outfit for reef fishing, light trolling, throwing lures for fish around southport in QLD.

Which reel would most suit me?????

Im confused......im slowely turning to the spheros...anyone with advice or an opinion?

cheers james

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Robbie, thats a fair price assuming you got the drag upgrade, the Stella handle and the extra ball bearing?

The upgraded Spheros is capable of almost anything in our waters :thumbup: A much better choice than the good old baitrunner.



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Made the decision and just bought a spheros with the stella upgraded drag, washers, handle etc......just need 2 get the payment across and take ownership of my new toy :1prop: ....now to find a rod 2 match.

Thanks for the advice guys.

cheers james

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Hey James

Nothing wrong with the BTR 6500 mate. A couple of close mates use them to on small blacks to 50kgs and they handled them nooooo probs! :thumbup: ... And a few pros I know also

Not that it matters now ur bought ur "new toy"



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