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Soft Plastics For Snapper


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Howdy all

Found a spot that has snapper...my father got a nice one but the next day we went again and they were there...fish alarm was going off like a frog in a sock but they would not touch any bait no matter how you rigged it.

I have heard all the stories about SP's...I thought I might get some so if next time they won't take the bait I might be able to spark them up with lures.

What's a good soft pastic for Snapper? working in about 4-7m of water around shallow reefs...fish are around the 50cm mark.

I saw them using Squidgy Flick Baits on a DVD I have...I got a pkt of Squidgy Pro 110mm Flickbait in the "pily" colour...am also thinking of the "evil minnow" colour.

Please don't mention the gulps in nuclear chicken...you can't get them!! lol


Mike L.

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gulps in lime tiger are same as nuke choock arent they!

i like the 145mm flick baits in pilly, searched every shop in sydney and gosford! took me a month to find another pack and this guy has a stack pm me if you want to know where!

i hear their great on snapper and ive also hooked kings on em!

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