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South Coast Flatties


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The last month and a half over about 7 random afternoons, my mate and I have been braining the flathead.We have accounted for over 150 fish with the smallest at 9cm and the best at 87cm.We have tracked the fish over the spawn noticing they have moved around the system quite a lot depending on the bait,water flow and structure. All fish where caught on plastics and released unharmed especially the big puppies-something beautiful about releasing them.I have fished this system 23 years and this has been the first year I have consistently caught fish over 70cm,two in our last session.It shows closing systems to professionals is paying off and will continue with sensible fishing from us amateurs.

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Hi Windon

:1welcomeani::1welcomeani: to Fishraider - the home of top Flattie FIshos .... now that you have joined! :thumbup::yahoo:

Are you going to let us in on your secret location or do we have to try & guess ..... is it Lake Macquarie??

Congratulations on putting them all back, too - the big ones are so important for maintaining the numbers - then again, there is nothing wrong with taking the odd one for a feed either! :biggrin2:

I have been going thru some old fishing mags & back in the 80-90's, pretty well the only flattie pics that made it into the mags back then were the whoppers .... all dead! Haven't times changed?? For the better, thank God!

I only wish they would close Wallis Lake to Pro fishers - or at the very least made it Net Free! I guess it won't happen in my time - but dreams are free.



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