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Blown Away


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Just as we boarded our new home for the week we received the news no one wanted to hear. The big low has now been named and is offically a cyclone. :1badmood:

Western side of Cape York I have visited a few times in the past, our only problem was our gear. With the reef as our goal we went rigged for elephants!

My smallest rod was 30lb!!


Down the coast we travelled to our first of many rivers for the week ahead.

Many thoughts of bad tides and why we werent on the reef went threw our minds. We originally booked the reef trip to co-inside with the coral spawn but the rivers have small tides and as we all know, "no run no fun".

Racking the brain on what small lures I had acually packed and yep my worst fears, NO SMALL LURES!

We raided the boats supplies and shared them out. I think I ended up with 5 slices and the rest were monster deep divers and poppers with 1 pack of worm hooks and a lone pack of 6" Sluggos.

The first few days were very quiet out the front of the mouths and the total lack of tunas was a shock. I have never seen the area so void of life! A few good mackerals, queenies and goldens were hooked on the reefs on the slices. Find a bait school, drop your slice to the bottom and jig it back resaulted in some nicer fish.


Afternoons were very hot and with the breeze now dropping the best option was to either bait fish or troll. We elected to bait fish as we had not done it up there to much before. Each time we would get to a rubble patch do a drop we were rewarded with goldens, tricky snappers and many small cods.

Our only problem was the sharks would move in and shut the bite down or they would take up station straight under the boat and steal our fish on the way up!

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Oh some one asked about Monster Mesh rods.....

Buy the Saltigas! mine broke :mad3:

Beach fishing was another great sport.

Drive the dory along the beach, spot some biat and cast slices for blue salmon and queenies. If your lucky you will find a manta ray feeding.


Under the Mantas were small GT's and Goldens, awesome in a few feet of water. We spent quite a few mornings just watching these magnificent creatures!




With the fishing very slow and the temps rising a call to go up into the fresh water reaches was the call. With a few eskys full of piss we went rock pooling!


No better way to spend a lazy afternoon!

Massages by the running water, awesome.

Back out on the deeper reefs a few miles off shore more Goldens, trickies and Grassy snappers but then a nice trout comes up!


Well thats it in a nut shell.

We fished hard, still caught some ok fish and some great times with the boys!

I havent got the bug out of me yet so I think it's time to book a Nomad trip ASAP!




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Thanks for your comments guys.


The tunas are in there off season plus I think the bait was all around the other side of the tip feeding on the coral spawn. No bait no fish.......

On the way home just as we neared port we started to see the coral spawn as the currents pushed it in off the reefs. Bait and tunas got thicker and thicker as we neared the top of Cape York. Bummer........


There were cobia on the Manta's, I hooked one but the bloody thing kept going back under the manta till one of the wings clipped the leader and pop....

You could see them following them but very spooky. The good old unweighted sluggo was the best bet with our limited lure choice.


Mate just bite the bullet and go. We had 2 new people in our group and both caught their biggest fish's of their lives plus so many new species. That's from the slowest fishing I have ever experienced up there.

I have just uploaded some short clips we took off my little still camera. I was an absolute lazy butt and didn't even pull the video camera or the SLR out the whole trip!

There is some great footage of the mantas and one particular one where it's doing loops while feeding.

Here is my you tube link.


A few other randoms.

Sun sets


Here comes the rain!






There is the other half of my Monster Mesh!


Perfect way to end the day!

Cohiba and a Orange & mango mineral water with a sh!t load of vodka!


The end


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Hey Gregy,

mate I reckon you could be a hand model, that's a lovely shot, better start wearing oven mits to protect them beauties :1prop:



That's funny, we watched Zoolander on the boat to!

How's team Woody going mate? Getting ready for the Open in January?


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