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After a long exam period, and a longer run of bad luck with weather, I finally managed to head down south for a fish.

All week the weather had looked bad - even yesterday morning it was a shocker...But we headed off from Sydney anyway, at the very least, we would hit the river.

Low and behold, we arrived, pick up the boat from the shop (needed a new coil - good news is Motor now starts first go, and the fishfinder doesn't turn off when you start the motor), and the wind had dropped. We headed out the river entrence by 3pm, and though messy, the wind had dropped. Unfortunately, within 15minutes one of my guests had turned green - so we headed back inside. Didn't catch much in the river that night, and when the rain and cold got too much - we headed in.

Saturday morning greeted us with almost no wind. We hit the ramp (after having some appropriate meds this time) at 7am (I know - slack), and headed out to the banks, after a quick attempt at livebait (no luck - I suspect we were too late, and too impatiant).

At the banks, there were heaps of fish. School of Sweep, and Schools of Kingies.

Unfortunately, we found it almost impossible to convince them to bite! They would follow the jigs up, and even our squids. But no go. Attempted to use a Sweep as a live bait, but no luck there either (plus I think my hook was too small). Attempted lures, deep divers, different size and colour jigs, bait, everything. No luck.

We did pick up a couple of rats - 50cm and 30cm (NEVER seen a 30cm Kingie before!), and a 40cm snapper. Droped a couple of small ones.

Otherwise, it was just great being out there.

Heading out again Sunday Night/Monday - this time we will hit the ramp at 3am (different guests ;-)

Hope people also had a good day, with the surprise good weather.


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