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Botany Bay 24/11/07


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After last Saturdays effort just off Cape Banks, 15 king hookups and landing 7, my fishing buddy Man was keen to hit the water to hunt for a bigger kingfish, regardless f the weather, he was on a mission. We arrived at boat ramp around 4.30am having driven through some pretty heavy rain. As the boat slid into the water the showers abated,

Man was intrigued by the term slight on the BOM web site. If what he experienced was slight then choppy will prematurely age him!

The trip out to Cape banks according to him was as good as an amusement park ride, but after negotiating several huge waves he suggested we turn back to calmer waters. We tried the Sticks, the Oil Refinary Wharf without any luck,he still hasnt mastered setting an anchor so any fish on the finder were miles away by the time his rod hit the water . We headed over to Moulinex Point.

Neptune took pity on him and this time the anchor held, 2 minutes later his rod buckled and line was tearing off his spool at a frightening pace. Similar to when he hooked one of the sailing boats in Sydney Harbour a few weeks back. After a 10 minute struggle he landed a 64cm King. Third time lucky for the King. It still had another anglers hook embedded in it jaw. 1 cm more and it would have been destined for the deep fry. He got busted off 4 more times before landing a king just over 65cms.


Man has incredible luck with fishing, all the Kings were hooked on a strip of squid leftover from a previous trip. Spending time to catch squid or yakka's impact on his available fishing time. The hook and sinker are mismatched as is the line but he never falis to hook up before anyone else.

On the way back to the boat ramp we had some fun near the airport runway with chopper taylor, all released. As we were driving away (about midday) the weather took a turn for the better and it appear the bay was becoming calmer for a perfect afternoons fishing.

Sunday looks like it will be perfect, so will be on the Bay bright early ;)

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is it just me or does the king in the first picture look ... different?

I wish I had eyesight likes yours :) , have attached the right one. forgot I used my phone to snap the first one and the quality is not that hot, sorry for the confusion.


On a brighter note, I got this one near the runway this morning.


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