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Terrigal Bottom Bashin


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Despite an election party hangover i dragged my self out of bed when the alarm went off at 5.00.

The plan was to put the boat in a terrigal and see if i could jag a few reefies for a BBQ lunch.

Arrived at the boat ramp at 5.30 and found the place deserted (strange for a Sunday).

Conditions were near perfect so i headed strait out to the drifting grounds off Forresters beach to see if there were any redies around.

First bait down and WHACK up comes a pan size snapper.

Ten minutes later and the small rod goes off. After a great fight on 10lb line I had my PB mowwie.

Not long after i had another another pb mowwie in the esky (51 cm).

Next hour was a string of sargent baker and wrase so decided to pull up stumps at about 8.30 due to a need to get on the couch and nurse my hang over.


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