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Sounder & Plotter What Is Reccomended


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Hi all,

Its time to upgrade sounder on the boat and also thought a gps / plotter would be tops to have as well.

is there any particular brand / mod. that anyone can recommend or are they all much of a muchness. dont want to spend over $1600. will i get something good for this kind of money or should i budget more? its going on a 4.6m alloy boat so i am not going out to the shelf.

cheers and your opinions are much sought after

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Mate if you want a quality sounder i would recommend the Furuno 620, but this isnt a combo unit......

Good brand combo units are Garmins and Lowrances

I know Crazy John is look at selling His Raymarine a65 combo unit which cost him over $2500 and he is looking for less then your looking at spending....

Saty away from Brands Like Navman, although good units on paper/specs in practice they are definately the worst out of the bunch.

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thanks for the advice,

Have spoken to a lot of people and done a lot of research and agree that the Furuno 620 is the way to go. Now all i need to do is find a cheap GPS/plotter.

Its time i got out of the dark ages!!!!

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