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Northern Beaches And Pittwater


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We left late Saturday arvo in search of some squid for Sunday we went to West Head and quickly picked up some yakka's and then tried Barrenjoey head for some squid, my mate managed to pull out 1 squid and catch all 3 of his followers which where all about 50cm. We left thinking that would be enough for Sunday. We picked up a mooring in Clareville near one of the reefs and left a yellowtail down for the night, at about 1:30 my mate woke me up and told me to check out my rod the yellowtail was goen crazy, as I pulled him to the surface a big 1m + Bronzy chased him up and smashed him we netted him but he was still pritty green and as we waited to settle down he bit through the line and jumped out of the boat, it didnt really matter anyway we probly would have realeased him.

We got up at 3:30 that morning and on the way past barrenjoey I thought we should have another look for some smaller live bait size squid, i managed to get 3 little arrow squid which was better than we expected, when we got to Newport reef we where hoping that the Kingys had a bit more size on them. We sounded out for a while and saw tons of bait all over the place. As soon as I put down a live squid down it got smashed by a big tailor which got everyone on the boat very annyoed and kept the tailor for live bait. my mates rod then went off and he quickly landed a 55cm kingy which gave us all a bit of hope but the size was a bit of a worry. At about 9:00 we had managed to land 20 kings ALL UNDERSIZE!!!! on squid and softplastics, I saw a few big ones down there following the squid but the little ones always got it first!!!

As we headed back to pittwater we found a few reefs holding bait but didnt manage to get any fish and it didnt really seem worth dropping the downrigger bombs down the 70 feet haha

When we got back into Pittwater we fished the reefs on the highway with no touches for a few hours when my mates diawa overhead got smashed. Pushing 15kgs of drag he still couldnt stop this fish plowing him staight into a mooring line in about 10 seconds..... a pritty big fish

About time we got some legal Kingys


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sounds like you had a good day out,just a pitty there was no size about them eh.....

those little ones sure are quick to the bait or must just be the big numbers to beat the bigger ones..

i had same problem last week with good sized ones between 70 - 90 cm follow my 60 cm hooked ones :1badmood: ....

its still fun i think getting those ones as they still go hard.....

cheers.... steve.....

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