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Botany Bay 26.11.07


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Dad said he'd pick me up at 6.00 am

toot toot of the horn at 5.15 and i'm sitting in my undies drinking tea

chuck some shorts on , race out and tell him to hang 5 (said he couldn't sleep )

get on the water just after 6.00 and we turn past the breakwall into a choppy Bay

(Seabreeze and windfinder both showed little wind , :05: )

anyway , headed to Doll's pt and put out the sea anchor for a drift

quiet for a couple of hours with only undersize fish boated ( and released ) still fun !

about 8.00 dad get's a nice hit and quickly lands a good Flounder

a few more small fish each and i get a hit , get it near the boat , a good whiting

it doesn't like the look of Dad's boat and has a run , fight hard these fish hey

dad nets him for me and my neighbour has got dinner

all goes quiet so i suggest we try the container wall as we have never fished that part of the Bay

got to the middle and the going was rough , said bugger it , lets just drift from here

Dad rigs up a turtleback worm and says he wants a sandwich and a cup of tea

lets out about 30 odd feet of line and puts the rod in a holder

2 bites and a sip of tea and his dropshot gets hit (fair dinkum )

puts down the tea and sandwich and the rod buckles over , takes it out of the holder and takes the weight

after about 3 or 4 minutes he's got leader and then colour , big flattie

dad panics a bit when i miss the net shot and the fish goes on a run

pulling a bit of line the old girl , finally dad gets her up again i get it in the net this time

went 67 cm's

the jighead was really stuck inside it's mouth and i hurt the fish badly so it will be dinner for mum and dad

had some fun with small Reddie's while dad cleaned the fish then we headed back to the ramp

nice to be back on the water again as it's been a while

wish us luck for the Snapper social this Sunday on Jervis Bay

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