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Juno And Flint And Steel


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G'day Jack, the river is said to be fishing very poorly this season. There's are pro's flogging it day and night. Best off trying the Harbour or Georges River. There's plenty being taken in these systems of late.

Good luck


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as red said, alot of water between fish but syd harbour is going nuts now its free from commercial pressures..

in the hawks i have seen nights when theres not even much baitfish around then next trip out witnessed the spread of trawlers working and think this is part reason why some nights not doing real good and signs of weed floating when no reason other than nets to cause... but a night/day on the beautiful hawks is still a great thing but better when catching something...

cheers... steve....

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G'day KingyKid

Juno sucks at the moment. We are getting butterflied fresh slimies back untouched!!!

Last big fish I heard of there was the won that Hberry Classic being 18kg cleaned and gilled.

There have been about 5 bustoffs that I know of but I think they may be very big rays or sharks.

I have only caught rays there inn the last 3 weeks.

You will get soapies up near the bridges but you will need fresh squid and be there at the right time in the tide



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