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Long Day On The Lake


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Hi guys

Headed out this morning - glorious, sunny day - and not long back!! Keith nearly sent out a search party!

I fished along the 'new' washboard on the rising tide & dropped a couple, missed a lot, landed one undersized & busted off by one nice one!! As luck would have it, I hadn't packed my 'spare parts' kit, as it had taken my sinkers as well!! :1badmood: Luckily, I have some spare 8kg line & sinkers, swivels etc in the car, so paddled back & retrieved that & re-rigged!! This time, with a smaller hook. By now, the tide was slowing right down, so headed towards my 'out' spot & tried yet another area for the first time - have often fished the 'lake' side of the washboards, but this time, I went into another lease & fished the back of the washboards! Got lots of downs & about 4 keepers (just!) so put them back & watched as some whoppers inspected my offering before rejecting them!!! I think the new hook assisted my hookup rate! THat was fun - just hope I never get snagged up in this one, & lose my float, as it is in one of those 'no entry' leases! :(

Headed around the corner to my 'out tide' spot & had a couple on that got off. Then hooked a whopper! It really 'went' & I was unable to wind - just hanging on & preventing it from skunking me on the washboards was enough to do at the time - then it had one more surge & busted me off! That was my new hook!! Didn't last long! It was 10lb line & was on a loop & it busted right in the middle of the loop! Bugger!

I continued fishing for a couple of throwbacks - the biggies didn't really turn 'on' today! Saw a lot of bream around the leases today. Even had a toss with some sps too for zip. So much for my 'Big Tide+Full Moon =Big Fish theory!! Seemed to work the other day!

Magic day on the water - looks like it is frozen fish for dinner tonight!



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